Projects & Partnerships

Announcing the launch of community art project 'Routes to Roots ~ A Platform for Art’ curated by artist Chris Cyprus, in partnership with the TransPennine Route upgrade Team and Northern Rail.

This unique project aims to provide a literal 'platform' for young artists aged 14-17 to display their work along the upgraded Transpennine train route. The project's brief challenges the students to produce bold, imaginative, and emotive artworks encapsulating the essence of the place they call home, using their favourite art mediums.

A selection of works are now on display for the first phase at Greenfield Station in Oldham, for commuters and visitors to enjoy as they travel along the TransPennine route.

“We hope to foster a deep sense of connection and belonging among the young artists as they delve into their community's history, embrace its current realities, and envision possibilities for its future”

This project not only encourages artistic expression but also empowers individuals to become advocates for their local areas. As we celebrate the talent and vision of these young individuals, we are reminded of the power of art to strengthen connections to the places we call home.

'The project aims to tap into creative potential of gifted students who are still in the process of discovering their future direction. Hopefully this will provide inspiration for them during this pivotal stage of their lives..'