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Chris Cyprus Art

DREAM TREES BOOK ~ Rare Collectors Limited Edition Boxed Edition ~ Made in the UK

DREAM TREES BOOK ~ Rare Collectors Limited Edition Boxed Edition ~ Made in the UK

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'Dream Trees' is a limited edition collectors book of only 100 copies

'Dream Trees' embodies the essence of nature's beauty through a unique blend of abstract and ethereal watercolor paintings of trees and woodland areas.

With only 100 limited edition copies made, this book is a rare gem that captures the imagination and invites readers into this magical environment through the artists eyes.

The heart of 'Dream Trees' lies not only in its visual splendor but also in the poetry written by Pamela Pugh, intimately connected to each image.

The combination of evocative poetry and captivating artwork transports readers to a place of peace and tranquility.

'Dream Trees' delves into the personal journey of the artist and his exploration of tree scenes as a subject matter. It provides readers with insights into the inspiration behind his early works and the significance these paintings held for him during specific periods of his life.

The stories and anecdotes shared by Chris offer a rich context for his artistic evolution.

In addition to the earlier works, 'Dream Trees' also showcases more recent paintings from 2021, which were created during the artist's intensive period of self exploration during the lockdown period. These newer additions offer a contemporary touch to the collection, illustrating the progression and growth of the artist.

The book itself is presented in a stunning hand-printed box adorned with a linocut featured on the lid—a testament to Chris's dedication to his craft.

"Dream Trees" is an ideal gift for art lovers and anyone who appreciates the  connection between art, poetry, and nature.

*Printed in the UK on sustainably sourced papers*


For each sale of the book Chris donates to the eden reforestation project


"I just got home and opened the package containing your book
it’s wonderful - I didn’t know there would be poems and your personal story too! "


"Truly stunning book. These works are poetic, lyrical in form and infused with all the magical play of colour & light through the trees. Would love to see them up close in your gallery! "

"The dream trees book & paintings took me right back to hiking along the trails in Kentucky. So many of your paintings must resonate with people who share similar memories & experiences of places all over the world, I'm sure"

 "The trees in these paintings seem to have a life not specifically tree-ish. I get the feeling they are discussing things of great importance! "



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